“High quality vehicles at low prices” this is all that you need. ZMC Japan understands this philosophy very well and is here to fulfill all the requirements of our customers. Our Company holds a solid position here in providing these vehicles to customers all over the world.

At ZMC Company, no matter what part of the world you belong to, you are as valuable as a customer we meet in real. For several years now, it has been playing an integral part in delivering high-quality vehicles to customers all around the world including Asia, Africa, Europe, the Pacific and the Caribbean.

The Value Chain here begins with what the customers really need and providing them the best quality services. This involves being a part of all Japanese auctions, which we are, and through which we are able to provide all brands and types of vehicles, hence adding value. Moreover, we have strong ties with car dealers in Japan, so that we can get a vehicle quicker through a dealer if possible to expedite the total vehicle delivery process.

Further in the Value Chain are the vehicles we have in stock that are readily available for shipment to our customers. The huge stock of vehicles includes all brands and types of vehicles as per the recent demands of our customers. However, if the customers want something different, then the auctions come into play, from where any vehicle can be provided.

We further add value through our services by providing customers their vehicles in the shortest possible time. This involves having strong relations with the transporters and shipping companies to provide priority to our customers’ vehicles and making sure that they are safely shipped to our customers as soon as possible.

In all these years, we have established a remarkable reputation with our customers by giving value at all steps and have satisfied thousands of customers so far and are still growing. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal and we love reaching our goal!

We are extremely familiar with each and every aspect of handling our customers effectively. Our sales have reached Asia including Africa, Europe and the United States of America. We have very reputed clients almost everywhere in the world more specifically in the Japanese vehicles industry. ZMC Japan has truly become a trusted and recognized name in Japanese new and used car exporters in Japan and all over the world.